Kee for Chrome - drop down login form no longer auto-filled

I have several sites that have the login form hidden by a div, etc. When I click the login link (unhides the form), the form is no longer filled by Kee (Auto fill is Yes). This started happening after the recent Kee extension update. I get the same results in Chrome and Vivaldi. Here is an example: Click on the Login button. The work-around is to click another tab, then the original tab - then it fills. Is it supposed to work this way now? I will say there is one site that does get pre-filled but most no longer do.

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Same here (v.3.6.27 on vivaldi 3.5.2115.81) for for instance. It used to work properly. Now, it’s not just it doesn’t fill the form but it can’t find entries via the kee button or context menu. No matches.

I’m an experimented user and have used this extension for years and I know how to set it in keepass. I know how to use devtools to find id and name, how to add pattern matching in keepass options and so on. I tried everything I could think to set to no avail.

Solution was to disable v.3.6.27 and install Kee.-.Password.Manager-v3.6.2. Every version after this one will fail to match url and find entries for this site. The drawback is no matter what is set to avoid autosubmit and even autofill, it will autosubmit on everytime the tab is focused. It works normally for other sites.

I tried the 3.7.1 to no avail.

Alternative is to use KeePassXC and its browser extension. It is compatible with your current keepass database (kbdx and key files). You can use either software to open and edit your database. You can even use KeeWeb (I didn’t test it yet).

I’m not convinced these issues are related.

yggtorrent works fine for me. I attempted to sign in using test credentials, saved the entry to Kee and then returned to the website. Upon selecting the sign-in button in top-right I see that Kee has correctly auto-filled the form. In your specific case @fremea, I wonder if you have some customised include/exclude lists configured because the only behavioural change between 3.6.2 and 3.6.3 is that we now ignore case by default (

You therefore may need to edit your exclude or include lists for the forms and fields on that website. A quick thing to try in order to work out if this is the cause of the problem for you would be to disable the case insensitive matching in Kee options.

Blackboard I’m not so sure about. Kee 3.6 has fixed a bug where some hidden forms were incorrectly being filled in and some hidden forms that should be filled were not. It’s likely that this improvement has caused a regression on the Blackboard website but I’ve not had time to investigate why or whether better workarounds may exist. In the meantime, it looks like you can simply use a different URL in order to directly access the sign-in form - - it looks like that autofills correctly.

Realistically, it is 100% certain that some websites won’t work correctly with any given form auto-fill solution so we just have to aim for the closest possible to that and offer as many ways for unique website problems to be worked around. Unfortunately that does sometimes mean that websites which previously worked have to stop working in order to ensure that even more websites can be supported, although we obviously try to avoid this whenever possible!

Without spending more time on the investigation here, I can’t be sure if this home page can be made to work automatically without reducing the accuracy on other websites. If you make any further discoveries about the cause, please let me know so we can try to make further improvements in a future version of Kee.

Whaou disable the case insensitive matching in Kee options did the trick. If this option is enabled by default, it shouldn’t. Hyper counter intuitive that case insensitive matches less than case sensitive. I would never guess.

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Thank for the responses. I tried the alternate URL for Bb community and that worked. I’ll try to do more testing on other sites that have similar issues. I’m using KP database so will review the KEE settings there and try some things.

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