Kee & Firefox

sorry for my bad english

I use for a long time Kee/RPC-KEEPASS/Firefox and i’m totally satisfied

BUT since few days Kee extension is completly OFF and impossible to get cod password to associate FIrefox Kee extension to my Keepass

I tried many times to desactivate/delete/reinstall Kee extension and still nothing
Same on Keepass I delete/reinstall RPC plug in an nothing

IMPOSSIBLE to get Kee popup password

If you have a solution please

It’s not completely clear to me what your problem is. However, it has happened to me in the past that Kee and KeePass were installed and linked correctly, but Kee never seemed to detect that the KeePass DB was open and never filled in passwords as a result. What fixed that for me was to highlight the top level of the DB in KeePass, right-click, then select “Set as Kee Homegroup”. Might or might not work for you depending on what your actual issue is.