Kee Firefox Order

I have a Login-Form with 3 Fields:
Client-ID, Username and Password
Keepass stores the data of the fields username and password and I created a string field with the ID.
When I press the orange Kee icon, it fills in the wrong order:
Username - Client-ID - Password

How can I say Kee to fill
Client-ID - Username - Password

Autotype entry has no effekt for the use of the icon (orange V)

If it helps I can write the url from the form.

Best regards and thanks

Please save the entry using Kee. That will set up the correct form field information such as the field name and ID. If you want to retain the old KeePass entry for some reason, doing this will at least allow you to compare what Kee thinks the configuration of Form Fields should be compared to what it is in your current entry.

Hi, thank you - but I’ve tried this and it doesn’t help. The url is so you can see what I mean.

I’ve tried it again today but with the same result: save new entry in the right order, reload the page and click on the entry in Kee and the order is wrong.

Hello luckrat
I found the answer. To make it work I had to make a change in the KPRPC JSON Entry. I changed "type":"FFTtext" to "type":"FFTusername" in the Client-ID entry. So I have 2 eintries with this type but it works like in earlier versions from Keepass.

Maybe it will help other people with the same problem.

Greetings Verena