Kee Firefox extension constantly nags me to unlock KeePass

Hi there …

new problem since the latest incarnation of the Kee Firefox extension:

Whenever I open some web page, KeePass pops up and wants to be unlocked. I presume that’s meant as a feature by the Kee extension, but I prefer KeePass to be locked until I really need it to be opened (because I want to log in somewhere).

Since other people might have other preferences, I’d like to suggest to make that feature optional (means: Give me a settings option to stop that behaviour).




for me it is also very annoying to be disrupted when calling most pages.
So please at least make this new features at least optional.


No such behaviour here.
There is no such behaviour with Firefox, KeePass and the Kee plugin.
I guess you have installed some other KeePass plugins.

I use Kee and Firefox and my KeePass database is nomaly locked.
There are never any pop-ups even if I enter a web page
for which KeePass and Kee plugin provide login data.
I have to unlock KeePass and only then Kee will provide the login data.
If I don’t unlock KeePass the Kee Icon in Firefox stays red, thats all what happens.
No pop-ups or anything else.

I don’t know what could lure Kee into insisting to have KeePass opened. Any idea ?
I’d supply any information needed … (besides my precious collection of credentials ;-))

I see this since nagghing behaviour since the last update of Kee …

The Firefox Kee plugin here is version 3.2.7 from 22. May 2019.
KeePass RPC plugin is version 1.10 (Pre-release).
KeePass is 2.43

The problem not even occurrs while opening new sites/tabs but also when switching between open tabs which is even more annoying. :frowning:

I notice the problem since version 3.3.12beta of the Kee plugin.
KeePass 2.43, KeePassRPC

So I suggest to go back to the stable Kee plugin 3.2.7

My system here:

KeePass 2.43
KeePassRPC 1.9
Kee 3.3.12beta

I could live with it until 3.3.12 comes stable, but THAT thing really needs to be fixed.

And I have to correct: It doesn’t pop up KeePass on browser stert (whit shows a blank page in my case), but on any occasion where some login fields could be suspected.

I can confirm to have encountered the same behavior.

Switching back to 3.2.7 of course solved the problem. But I would call it more a workaround. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’m not aware of any changes in 3.3 to alter the need for having at least one KeePass database unlocked when browsing pages with potential sign-in forms - it has always behaved in that way for me, as designed.

It sounds like I may have fixed one or more unknown bugs that were causing an unintentional behaviour that some people actually prefer to the previous behaviour.

I’ll definitely investigate in more detail before pushing 3.3 to the stable channel, both to get a better understanding of what changed and to investigate the possibility of making the behaviour controllable by an option.

If you haven’t already, please can you all include the Kee version, KeePassRPC version, KeePass version, web browser (Chrome or Firefox) and Operating system (including version if possible); any of those could potentially affect this behaviour.

First, thank you for developing Kee plugin for Firefox.

KeePass 2.43
KeePassRPC 1.9
Kee 3.2.7
Firefox 72.0.1 on Win10 (two separate FF instances, one installed, one portable)

This just started today, maybe an hour ago, and I came here to see if others were being spammed by Kee auth windows.

Contrary to suggestions that it’s limited to beta-version users, I’m still running good ole Kee 3.2.7 from May 17 2019 and neither KeePass, Firefox, nor Kee show any sign of having updated today. The only recent update was Firefox 72.0.1 a few days ago, but the problem didn’t start until today.

If I let an auth window sit without interaction it will disappear after a few moments and another will spawn in its place. It also opens an additional tab in Firefox. Right now my one Firefox looks like this:


Very disruptive, but since I’m already on the “old” 3.2.7 I can’t think of any quick fix to stem the flow of tabs. Suggestions welcome.

Edit: For now I have disabled Kee in all browsers and will only re-enable it when I need to log in somewhere.

24 hours later: Re-enabled Kee to log into a site and left it on as a test; it’s behaving itself so far today. What could have changed?

Update: Back at it again. What seemed to trigger it was disconnecting from my VPN service in anticipation of logging into PayPal. I noticed yesterday that the onset of the problem seemed to coincide with a change in my VPN connection status but wrote it off as unrelated. Seems like it might be a factor, actually.

Here my setup:

Kee 3.3.12beta
KeePass 2.43
Firefox 72.0.1 x64
Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 x64 (all updates installed)

Already reported

Addition: Windows 10 Pro x64 (Upgraded from 7Pro x64) Rev 1909, all updates done.

Update 2: I have downgraded all three Firefox instances from 3.2.7 to 3.1.21 but the problem persists unabated. It’s quite intolerable being tab-spammed constantly so I have to largely disable Kee.