Kee finds no password until root is set as KeeFos start group

Hi there,

since the last update of the KeeFox plugin I have a little problem:
After starting Keepass and Firefox no password entry from the Keepass database will be found until I set the root folder in Keepass as KeeFox start group.
After this done the password entries will be found at once.
But I have to do this every time I restart Keepass / Firefox.


Can you also work around the problem by saving the database instead of setting the start group?

Even though the KeePass save icon is greyed out when it thinks no changes need to be made, you can still click it to force a save, which will in turn prompt Kee to update its awareness of all opened databases.

Which versions are you using now?

Can you recall which ones you used before this problem appeared?

have just tested: It’s only work again, if I set the Root as Start group. Saving the database has no effect.

Firefox and Keepass are the actual versions: 58.0.2 and 2.38. The only thing that was changed is the plugin.

I have also tried to reinstall but it doesn’t change…


If you right-click and Edit on some groups, you should be able to see on the Kee tab whether it thinks it is the start group or not. If this setting is being reset each time you load your database, it points to a problem with your database file (maybe it is readonly on your file system or maybe you have some other system which synchronises the database and it’s doing so incorrectly).

Also try disabling all other KeePass plugins and Firefox add-ons.

What are the before and after versions of Kee and the KeePassRPC plugin?

The versions I used before where the last actual versions before this ones. I’m using Kee just a few weeks (nice Plugin by the way).

I may found a hint: I’m using a trigger to synchronize this database with a WebDav target. It seems the change of home groups for Kee comes from there.

I have a look onto this and come back to you if I have more intel… :slight_smile:

It seems my assumption is correct…

During the synchronization the state of the Kee start folder was not synched correctly.

I have changed the file on the WebDav drive with the correct one and until now I had no further problems.

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