Kee fills search fields with username


Kee sometimes fills search fields with the site username.

I’ve met this behavior on Gitlab (SaaS and self-hosted, with different accounts) and DokuWiki (but I don’t have access to it anymore, it was in my former job).

On Gitlab, the search field has “name” as name attribute (because it’s “search by name”) but the Kee plugin is set to “username” for this entry.

This is particularly annoying in Gitlab because search is made while typing and all my projects disappear when Kee fills the search field, making Gitlab searching for a project named with my username…

Is there a way to prevent this behavior ? It may also be a security issue: I hope it would not do this with my password…

Thanks !


Note that the only workaround I’ve found it to restrict the KeePass entry to the exact login URL instead of the hostname, but it doesn’t actually fix the issue as it’s curative only.


You can block (or enable) the detection of certain forms for certain websites (or for all websites - though that would be more useful for entering localised translations of words like “name” rather than this specific issue with GitLab).