Kee fills in textboxes undesiredly


It seems that Kee automatically inserts a user name and/or password when this is not desired.
I have at least one scenario where I can reproduce the behaviour (I’m using Firefox).
In a webform, I have a textbox labelled “Name” (id: id_name) and another one labelled “Tags” (id: id_tags), there is no password textbox anywhere.
When both boxes are empty, Kee will insert the username (as there is a KeePass entry for the website) but not the password.
Kee will not enter anything if both textboxes already contain anything.

This is the by far the least obnoxious scenario - I’ve had times when I had to close KeePass as otherwise Kee would enter credentials when this was unwanted. Particularly, if there are many input fields in a web form, you don’t even realize that Kee overwrote real data (which has nothing to do with credentials!) with your username and password. This is very cruel - this way my password made it into some dumb website’s database without me knowing!

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?


We heard of an instance of a form field being overwritten earlier this year so prevented this from happening with the release of version 3.2.7.

It’s not clear whether this is the problem you are having, whether you are using the latest version when experiencing the problem, or whether there is actually more than one problem over a longer time period.

If you want to tell Kee that for a specific website (or page on that website) it should ignore the usual expectation that a field with “name” in its id is a username field for a sign-in form, set a per-site override. See: Whitelisting or blacklisting forms

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Cheers for replying!

White-listing a website doesn’t really help as this happened on several sites.
Would it also help if I changed the setting When Kee chooses a matching login for a standard form, Kee should from Fill the form to Do nothing for all websites? I suppose I could very well live with having to always choose a logon when required.
EDIT: no, that doesn’t help, just tried it out. If I change the setting, Kee won’t even offer me to provide credentials, it seems you then have to go through the Kee menu and choose Matched login entries to fill the form, that’s quite cumbersome.

Also, how do I determine which version I’m running? Can’t see anything in the Kee menu in Firefox.


The version information is handled by your web browser so take a look at the Firefox add-ons tab or Chrome extensions tab to see which version you have installed.

You might find it a bit less cumbersome to use the Ctrl+Shift+2 keyboard shortcut to show the list of sites without needing to use the Kee menu.


I’m running V3.2.7 (May 17, 2019). FWIW, I’ve just seen that Kee fills in my email address in a Facebook search textbox. Not the general one, but one that shows up if you go to a person’s profile and then click the About tab on the top. On the Friends header you’ll find a search textbox which gets filled with the username that I have stored for Facebook.


I was actually just going to create a new topic because of frustrations with the same thing.
For me, the Facebook event page attendee list is a field that is also mis-detected.

Facebook messenger sidebar search field has been an issue over time (not recently, maybe changed?)

It would be far less frustrating if it didn’t keep filling in the field polled every 5 seconds or so.

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Yes, I’ve seen that too shortly after I posted here!


I get this on Username is auto-entered on text boxes, it will replace preexisting text, example when I am editing settings for a gallery it attempts to rename the gallery by filling my username into the gallery name box.


@luckyrat: can you see into this again, please? Until this gets fixed it means that we usually have to close down KeePass in order to avoid the effects of this bug …