Kee fills in textboxes undesiredly


It seems that Kee automatically inserts a user name and/or password when this is not desired.
I have at least one scenario where I can reproduce the behaviour (I’m using Firefox).
In a webform, I have a textbox labelled “Name” (id: id_name) and another one labelled “Tags” (id: id_tags), there is no password textbox anywhere.
When both boxes are empty, Kee will insert the username (as there is a KeePass entry for the website) but not the password.
Kee will not enter anything if both textboxes already contain anything.

This is the by far the least obnoxious scenario - I’ve had times when I had to close KeePass as otherwise Kee would enter credentials this was unwanted. Particularly, if there are many input fields in a web form, you don’t even realize that Kee overwrote real data (which has nothing to do with credentials!) with your username and password. This is very cruel - this way my password made it into some dumb website’s database without me knowing!

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?