Kee Extension Security


Can you please clarify the level of security with using the browser extension with KeePass?

I am confused about the Vault version. Is the extension security as good?

I note the extension security is indicated as medium, is that good or can I amend to the high option?

Many Thanks

KeePassRPC connection security levels is probably a good place to start.

The security setting you refer to only applies to the connection between Kee and KeePass (via the KeePassRPC plugin). Kee’s communication to/from Kee Vault does not need to leave your web browser like KeePassRPC does so there is no need for that layer of security.

In other respects Kee security will be comparable no matter whether you connect to KeePass or Kee Vault - each is theoretically at risk from a slightly different set of potential security flaws in the rest of the software on your device (including bugs in your operating system and web browser) but unless you are already expert in analysing all of those risks and have some highly specific threat model that you wish to defend against, the details are not likely to be significant.

Hello luckyrat
Thanks for your explanation about my security questions. Your answer is reassuring. Its a pity there isn’t a more secure level than medium when connecting between KeePass and Kee but I am presuming the plugin is always the weakest link.