Kee Extension in Chrome No Longer Automatically Authenticates

My Kee extension in Chrome used to automatically re-authenticate itself whenever I opened my Chrome browser. For the last few weeks, Kee only re-authenticates if I close KeePass and then re-open it and re-login to my database.

Any thoughts on getting it to re-authenticate without closing and opening KeePass?

Chrome Version 98.0.4758.82
KeePass Password Safe version 2.50 (64-bit)
KeePassRPC Options: Immediately edit entries created by Kee (yes); Automatically save KeePass database when Kee makes a change (yes); Store a backup of each password generated by Kee (yes); TCP/IP port 12546; KeePasss security level: Medium; Minimum acceptable client security level: Medium; Authorization expires after 87600 hours;
Kee Extension Options: TCP/IP port: 12546
Windows Edition: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, Version 21H1, OS build 19043.1526, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0

By “automatically re-authenticate” do you mean the process that automatically removes the Kee icon’s red “OFF” label and allows you to interact with your KeePass database?

It still works fine for me with Chrome 98. Maybe there was a Windows update or some other security software has been installed or reconfigured such that it is now blocking access to port 12546 (or all local ports). Or you have some other Chrome extensions that have recently updated or been installed?

Hi Luckyrat,

Yes, by automatically re-authenticate, I am referring to the process that removes the icon’s red OFF label.

I tested again using Chrome with all extensions removed except for Kee. I cleared cookies/settings/etc. beforehand, as well. The same issue occurred. Interestingly, the problem seems to only occur once: at initial login to Windows.

My KeePass is set to auto-starts with Windows. If I open a Chrome window–either before or after I open my KeePass database–the Kee icon in Chrome does not remove the red OFF label or re-authenticate. Now, if I close both Chrome and KeePass and then open KeePass before Chrome, the Chrome Kee extension will automatically re-authenticate.

Is there a way to prompt Kee and KeePass to re-authenticate to one another? Perhaps a button can be pressed either in the Kee Chrome extension or in KeePass? Or is closing and re-opening KeePass the only workable method?


I think I figured out the cause of the problem. A few weeks ago, I renamed my KeePass database, which is stored on Google Drive. The database listed in the “Advanced” section at the bottom of the Kee extension options page, however, was still the old name. When I manually renamed the database on the Kee options page, the automatic re-authentication of Kee returned to its previous state.