Kee does not find correct Usr/Pwd record, displays many

I’m using Kee within Firefox on Win10.

Kee works quite nicely on external Internet pages, kee usually will find the correct record and fill it in automatically, as expected.
However, for webpages on local machines (normally not targeted by IP but by local dns like nas.home.lan) it will kind of show quite a number of records for the internal lan, including records with other domain names.
Especially annoying is that I cannot get Kee to discriminate between different servers running on e.g. a NAS which typically will respond on different ports.
So I will find credentials for

within the list.
Registering the second record including the port number won’t help.
Any idea how to overcome this?

Thanks for help

Try selecting a more specific URL matching behaviour for the affected entries (Hostname first and then Exact if that doesn’t help).

For more technical context, the solutions for this sort of problem are complicated because the hostnames you are using are not valid registrable domains and thus the usual security boundaries that browsers and software like Kee need to enforce are not automatically defined (see for some more discussion around this).