Kee - create button out of reach


I am experiencing an issue that the create (+) icon is not or half way visible. I noticed that it has to do with the fact, that I have the kee icon within the overflow menu (Firefox) and this is located in my case on the right. As you can see on the screenshot the icon is not completely visible. Sometimes it is even completely hidden.
A possibility to change the window size would be nice or even some automation that detects that the window is not completely shown and adjusts as necessary.
Thanks in advance

The width is designed to be the lowest common denominator of all browsers and all parts of the browser where it can be displayed. Browsers do not offer us the capability to know where the popup is being displayed so we can’t do anything clever like your suggestions, unfortunately.

I can’t reproduce the screenshot you shared - in my Firefox the overflow menu is wide enough to allow all of the Kee popup interface to be seen.

I’m not sure what could alter that width - extensions should not be able to. Maybe there was a bug with an earlier version of Firefox or perhaps only on a particular operating system. If you provide more details of your system configuration, maybe some other people can respond with information that helps us to narrow down what is causing this for you.

thanks for responding. I just created a new Firefox profile to check if something in the profile is creating that behaviour. Even the new profile is showing the same issue as shown in the screenshot. As soon I move the kee icon out of the overflow menu slightly left to it, it works fine. Just in the overflow menu, there seems to be the issue.
I am using Windows 10 and my Firefox is at the moment 82b9 (64bit).
Not sure what else I could give you?

I see the same problem with actual Firefox version 81.0.1.
But I don’t need it in the overflow area, I only did this for testing.
I like to see the Kee icon all the time.

There is a bug in Firefox which prevents a lot of extensions from working when placed in the overflow menu. Until is fixed, you should keep those extensions visible on the toolbar.

Interestingly, the bug behaves differently on different operating systems. So for those with Linux, the limit is just large enough to cause no problems; Windows users have a smaller limit (as you have both noticed); I can’t find out about Mac OSX.

Unfortunately there is no way that an extension with as much content to display and interact with as Kee does could ever fit everything into the limit that the Windows variant of this bug imposes on Firefox users so we can’t make any modifications to workaround the bug and thus must wait for Mozilla to fix it in some future version of Firefox.

Please feel free to keep Kee in the overflow area if you don’t need the features or information on the far right hand side (or like in the case of the button to add a new entry, you can remember what it is for) but I’d still recommend occasionally using it from the main toolbar, especially after a new version is released, just in case something important changes that you otherwise would not be aware of.

Thanks for the information. Actually I am not bothered, just noticed that behaviour ever since the transition to a web extension. Just wanted to mention it. For me kee works perfectly in the background, just because I hardly create new accounts and I live with those accounts I have. :wink:
And now I know, if I want to create a new account somewhere and to store the information in keepass I just have to place kee on the main menu to make my life easier. There is just to hope that Mozilla will close that bug in the near future and is waiting not another 3 years. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the good work and that great Firefox extension.