Kee can't connect to KeepassRPC

since today, Kee in Firefox can’t connect to KeepassRPC anymore, says red “Off” despite KeePass being open.

What I already tried:

  • Reinstalled KeePass (2.46) (portable and non-portable versions), Kee, Firefox (82.0) and .NET Framework
  • No other Firefox addons installed
  • No other KeePass plugins installed
  • No proxy browser configuration
  • Only one KeePassRPC.plgx file in software folder (
  • TCP port is 12546 in both KeePassRPC and Kee addon
  • KeePass security level is medium (default)
  • Host file contains “ localhost” line
  • Windows Defender is the only security software installed


Keefox / Keepass WebSocket Test
SENT: Testing Connection to Keefox…
NOTE: If the websocket is listening on the keefox side, we should see an error like: {“protocol”:“error”,“srp”:{“securityLevel”:0},“version”:…
ERROR: undefined
Could not connect to KeepassRPC (This is bad)

KeyPass debug file:

Any idea what may cause the issue?
Thanks in advance!