Kee Behavior on Janus Henderson

Let me first say that given what I saw in the Alpha and Beta phases just a week or two ago, I’m very impressed overall with the success of your migration to webExtensions. Although I haven’t tested all of my many entries yet, I’ve tested the important ones and have had very little trouble using Kee with the vast majority of then.

One site I cannot get working at all is Janus Henderson. While I can live with having a few sites that won’t work with Kee, the behavior is so odd I thought you might want to take a look. I’ll PM you a link to a video screen capture so you can see this behavior yourself in case my description isn’t clear.

  1. When the website opens, the Kee icon appears for a fraction of second then disappears. Occasionally, the Kee icon does not disappear but I can’t reproduce that consistently.

  2. When the Kee icon does disappear, I right click to access the Kee context menu and choose Find Matching icons. The Kee icon repears in the Username field.

  3. Once the Kee icon appears, I select an entry and the Matched Login Entry pop-up immediately jumps to the upper left hand corner of the browser.

  4. I select the entry again, and this time the page containing the New User Set Up screen opens. This suggest to me that Kee is clicking the Register button instead of Continue, but I didn’t know how to correct that behavior

I’ve tried a number of variations on Kee options and the individual entry settings within Keepass without success. I also tried having Kee save a new login, but it leaves off the first page and the password entry entirely. I should probably also note that in order to get the Kee icon to appear in the password field at all, I had to add reg_userName1 to the Text Field ID white list.

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

Obviously a lot will have changed since you posted this but I have just tested this site using the beta of Kee 3.0 and can see one issue. It’s clearly related to the icon appearing and disappearing, as well as the Matched Login Entries box moving to the top-left of the screen, although I can’t reproduce the latter now.

What I see happening is that when you focus the username field, the website hides that field and replaces it with an entirely new username field. That was a common trick used 10-20 years ago to fool primitive credential stuffing bots and malware so I’ve seen it once or twice but it’s essentially a defunct practice and I wouldn’t expect many other websites to suffer from this same issue.

In any case, this doesn’t happen on the password input so between that and the “Matched Login Entries” button on the Kee main menu, I think it shouldn’t be too hard to sign-in to this site now.

Thank for the reply. I noticed the change on Janus Henderson a month or more ago, and forgot to update my post here. As you say, it’s not perfect, but it works more than well enough.

Now if we just could get Amazon working with multiple accounts . :rofl: