Kee Authorization problem on 2nd (windows)user

I’m a Kee(fox) user for some years now and first of all i’d say thank you for this great addon!
i’ve been using Keepass, Kee(fox) and Firefox for a while now and finally i was able to convince my better half to move her passwords from (real life) sheets to Keepass. We’re using the same computer with different user accounts (mine with admin-rights, hers not).
I created a new Keepass Database and installed the Kee addon in Firefox.
Now here comes the problem:
When UserWife (2nd/new user) opens firefox she gets the “Kee Authorization” page (even when Keepass is NOT running on her session) but no Keepass Window…
After some while i found out that the according Keepass Authorization is triggered on UserMe (1st user)…
That means:

  • my Wife can’t use Firefox when i’m logged on and Keepass is running on my session (because she constantly gets the Kee Authorization page) and
  • i can’t use Keepass when my wife is logged in and has Firefox running (because i constantly get the Keepass Authorization popup)

Can anyone help me out here?

You have to configure different TCP/IP ports in the KeePassRPC plugin
and the Browser Kee options for you and your wife.


oh, that was easy! set up and running! thank you very much!