Kee acts like a virus when requesting for authorization with KeePass


So as a topic says… I have no idea, why it decided to request for new authorization when i started Firefox and because of that i refused it (expired old authorization or maybe hard pc reset caused). Then Kee started a loop, where it like a virus requesting that authorization again and again and again… If i close tab on FF, it opens a new one. If i deny the request on KeePass, it opens another tab… The only two ways to stop this annoying behavior was to close KeePass or to uninstall Kee extension. Such behavior is annoying and bad and should be fixed with something like extra “I will authorize later” button.

Some probably not important technical details:
Win 7 x64
FF 67.0.4 (64-bit)
Kee 3.2.7
KeePass 2.42.1