Kee 4.0.5 no longer works for HTTP Auth

It shows the popup, but after I choose an entry, the site is still loading and nothing happens. If I close the Kee popup, no manual input dialog box pops out and nothing can be done except disabling the extension to let me manually fill the popup box.
Revert back to 3.x and it works fine.

Ugh. The behaviour of this part of the browser changes every 5 minutes!

I’ll look into what the latest car crash of an API has changed to since I last tested that it was working in all browsers.

I noticed Firefox have changed something recently which might allow me to fix this bug in Chrome (and Edge?) but maybe only if I delay the rollout of this version to Firefox users for even longer.

Thanks for the bug report. I’ll try to fix it as soon as I can and provide an update in this topic.

Forgot to mention it’s on Chrome.

The fix is now available in v4.0.6 (and v4.0.6 beta) on Chrome. Google will publish it when they want to but hopefully such a small change won’t take many days.

There were no changes to Firefox behaviour so v4.0.5 is still the latest beta available for that browser.

I am ignoring the recent change by Firefox since it sounds like it will only be a temporary solution until Google make the next change to this part of their browser. I don’t expect anything to break when they get around to this task but it will hopefully finally allow us to tidy up some of the mess around this part of the Kee extension code.

Please update to 4.0.6 when Google make it available to you and let us know if you come across any other issues since v3.x. Thanks!