Kee 3.5 released - Feedback

Just wanted to give a quick bit of feedback on Kee 3.5 unfortunately I can’t seem to include screen grabs to highlight issues.

I tried the tutorial experience and on the first test saving the username/password could not see how to save the entry:

This ‘friction’ felt unhelpful, it was only when I scrolled down that the save button became visible. I now realise there are two scroll boxes, the inner giving access to the folders and the outer, well it’s just there because the dialogue box is too small to show all the controls. This is the Save dialogue so needs to show that button at all times. My suggestions are: make the outer window bigger or add Save to the bottom fixed area so as to be visible at all times despite zoom levels etc.

Point 2
Changing password – This maybe the way my mind works but I experienced some more friction with this on first view (if I’d looked closer at your instructions it would have been clearer but UI’s should be self explanatory). It comes down to how do I see the entries in order to amend them. The use of the ‘^’ (up arrow) to expand an entry I think is the wrong way round for an action button. If it were in words it would say ‘expand’ which would be the down arrow. Instead it shows as a status indicator. Taking this approach would mean that the save dialogue should say ‘Un Saved’ instead of Save. I know UI’s have fewer words these days to be multi-lingual etc. but a button saying ‘Open’ would be unambiguous or for my mind the down arrow.

Point 3
Ok so now I am feeling picky which I don’t want to … Having opened the saved entries I am left with what I assume are saved values (or are they entries) this adds to the effort to interpret what I’m looking at. Why not have labels saying Username/Password to make it obvious?

If look at the same entry with the values swapped its even less clear and yet there is nothing wrong with the values as such. Taking this to the extream (and not recommended) by using the value ‘Password’ as a username makes the dialuge look even more confusing.

Anyway, thanks for keeping this updated, I use it all the time and thinks its great, but having used PM’s for clients I’m aware how an obvious, unambiguous clearly laid out UI without hidden buttons, obscure icons, cryptic message etc. can improve the easy of flow and overcome resistance of sometimes times less technical (elderly) users and make using it all the more enjoyable.duct.

Thanks for taking the time to feedback your initial thoughts. There is an “Upload” button in the post editor toolbar which should allow you to upload a screenshot.

For Point 1, it sounds like you are seeing something different to what I see on the systems I have tested. I have yet to see any dual scrollbars on either Windows, Linux, Firefox or Chrome. Some more information about your system setup might help me to understand how to reproduce this issue. Having the Save button always visible is something I considered but I couldn’t see any way to enable that sort of UI without introducing a 2nd scrollbar. There is also an additional concern that users may not see all possible parts of the data that is to be saved, potentially causing the Save button to be clicked too soon. I’ll bear this idea in mind though and definitely don’t rule out a change to that sort of approach in future. Unfortunately the outer window is already as large as it can possibly be so we have only that very limited amount of space to work with.

For point two, someone else has just raised the same point regarding the arrow directions so I’ll refer you to that topic rather than discuss here: Up/down arrows backward for item fold/unfold

Taking this approach would mean that the save dialogue should say ‘Un Saved’ instead of Save

I’m not sure I understand this point. Does it relate to the arrow directions or something else? If the former, perhaps you could elaborate on that other topic about this subject?

I’m afraid I can’t work out what you mean about Point 3. Maybe some annotated screenshots will help me?