Kee 3.1.2beta Firefox breaks

If you login with testuser I created

pass: superpassword123

It hides the tasks/dailes/todos

On my desktop not running beta it works fine

I can sign in with those credentials and it seems just fine to me but the page is littered with moving stuff and things grabbing my attention so I’m not really sure what it is I am supposed to be looking at. Please can you provide more detail about what doesn’t work for you?

First image is the 3.0 none beta version, second is beta3.1.2beta in firefox, I placed the red squares where there are supposed to be all those squares. If those are still visible with your beta then I suppose it could be a clash of my other extensions, but it works when I disable Kee3.1.2 as the only thing

Thanks for the screenshots, I understand now.

Kee 3.1+ detects the “filter” input box as a username field and auto-fills it.

There’s a couple of alternative ways to fix the problem:

  1. Disable Auto-Fill for the entry
  2. Set the URL matching for the entry to “Exact” and ensure the URL for the entry is that of the login page: “

Ah thanks that solved it, btw is there someway to “record logins” so it saves the login info and fields more precisly, in the old extension it popped up with something like “Save this login entry” but I dont see that with Kee