Kee 2.0 with ff 57.0b13

Hello, thanks for your work with this addon.
I was able to get it to work on my 1 laptop, then on my desktop the icon just says OFF in red. and it tells me to login to keepass, but I’m logged into keepass 2.37 and rpc 1.7.3

I restart firefox or keepass but same thing happens.

I’ve the same issue on Firefox developer edition 57.0b13 but it’s working fine on Firefox nightly 58.0a1 (2017-10-09).
I upgraded from Firefox developer edition 56 and I had Keefox before on the same browser.
Version of Kee: alpha18.

EDIT: Still an issue on Firefox developer edition 58.0b1.

for me it works fine on Developer Edition 57.0B11 & just updated to B12 and still works.

I’m experiencing a similar issue. If I debug the extension, I can see a long stream of the following messages:

An attempt to setup the KPRPC secure channel has failed. It will not be retried for at least 10 seconds. If you see this message regularly and are not sure why, please ask on the help forum. Technical detail about the problem follows: TypeError: configManager.current.KPRPCStoredKeys is undefined

Exception posting message: Attempt to postMessage on disconnected port : _pauseKee@moz-extension://aeabf849-a734-4e43-8af6-148fd96d1bde/background/app.js:1404:13

I’m guessing it’s a problem converting from v1 of the config.

Before, my config,keeConfigPage0 object was missing the KPRPCStoredKeys key. That seemed to be causing issues.

I managed to fix it by clearing the data by opening up the extension debug console and running

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Thank you @xobs that fixed my issue.

Thanks @xobs.

The next release will have a fix so that this missing KPRPCStoredKeys config key doesn’t cause this problem.

Your workaround is good in the mean time, although obviously wipes out all other Kee configuration at the same time so for anyone else reading this, you might prefer to wait a day or so for Kee 2.0 Beta 1.

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Thanks for your work. looks like Version fixed the issue :smiley:

Excellent. Thanks for the feedback. on Firefox Quantum 58.0b2 still has sort of a similar issue.
I do get a pop-up with the authorization code and a pop-up that (I think) should have the form to enter the code but it’s blank

That’s not quite the same issue. In any case, it’s already fixed in Beta 5 -

Indeed fixed, not sure why I installed 20, must be that I forgot I scrolled down :))

Just upgraded to 2.x.25 from 1.7.3 and having similar issue
(linux ff 57)

I updated keepass to 2.37 as well and when I launch keepass it says the plugin is incompatible

I’m a bit confused before always the rpc plugin version matched the FF addon version.
Is this no longer true? will 1.7.3 rpc plugin work with keepass 2.37 and Kee 2.x.25???

I had just make a soft link from the proper .mozilla extension directory to the keepass plugin directory but now as I root around in .mozilla I no longer see the RPC plugin as part of

where there used to
directory that contained the latest rpc plugin
This could explain why keepass doesn’t like it cause it can’t find it.

@luckyrat Please clarify the use/loading of RPC plugin as relates to 2+ something has obviously changed

Update - by grabbing a copy of 1.7.3 plugin from github and placing it in keepass plugins directory 2.x.25 is now working. Still would like to know the new relationship between kee 2+ and the rpc plugin going forward.