Issues with (poorly designed) input fields in Kee (Chrome 3.9.5)

Hi there!
I know there are several similar topics but none quite matched my scenario yet (to my understanding):

I am trying to get a login page auto-filled which has three input fields (company-id, username, password).

I added company-id as additional field in KeePass and created an entry in Kee’s “form fields” dialog.

However, at that point I realized that this website doesn’t contain a form and the input fields neither have “name” nor “id” attributes. It seems they use an attribute called “test-id” to identify their input fields.

I still tried by using the values from “test-id” as “id” in the form fields setup.

And it almost worked. But it seems to me that Kee cannot identify the input fields correctly and then assumes that “username” must go to the first input and writes “company-id” into the second field. But it’s the other way around on the website sadly.

Is there any chance i can get this to work with the current implementation of Kee? It’s not that big of an issue, because i can always fall back to KeePass “AutoType”. However, i just wanted to make sure i’m not overseeing anything :slight_smile:

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I’ve had the same issue on while trying to pay bills

It would be great if we could target fields without name/id attributes such as [formcontrolname="identifier"] in my scenario.