Issue with placeholder/symbolic name in form fields


just wanted to provide some feedback.

In the “Form Fields” tab when using {PASSWORD} as a placeholder in the Value field, I get an error. Makes sense, because this seems to coincide with the placeholder used for the prepopulated entry with the password.

Alas, the prepopulated entry won’t work for me, because despite its character as “keep safe as a password” the site on which I am entering the data doesn’t technically use a password field for this datum. And so Kee won’t fill the “password” (the site calls it id, i.e. as name attribute), because there is no id field of type password. In case it matters, the site in question is the purchased download for PowerGREP and RegexBuddy respectively.

So this is a situation where I am unable to continue (it seems), because I cannot get rid of the prepopulated password entry but I’d have to use the {PASSWORD} placeholder in a new entry in order to fill it into the text field. For now I have to resort to entering the “password” by copy&paste.

Btw: another quirk I noticed was that if you add Value as KeePass password (i.e. not the placeholder, but its symbolic name) you can no longer delete that entry. You have to change the value first to be allowed to delete it.

Thanks @luckyrat for this useful extension.