Is ther any interest in local-only solution to synchronising multiple devices?

I have been using KeePass for some time and like the additional security that comes from keeping my passwords locally.
The rush to cloud storage was something I’ve never been prepared to do with passwords.
But I’m missing out on the benefits of multiple device synchronization that comes from having passwords stored in the cloud.
I would value a solution where syncing can occur only when the devices are on the same local Wi-Fi network.
Sure, that blocks out the ability to sync across countries, cites etc.
But it would allow a user to keep mobile and desktop in sync, hopefully by just joining the right Wi-Fi network.
At the same time, international hackers should be blocked out in an arrangement like that.
I’m posting this to see if there is any interest in a solution like this.
If it was available, I would switch from KeePass, because I could keep my devices in sync without inviting hackers in .