Instructions for setting up Kee Vault on an Android

I have KeeVault installed on my PC and laptop, and am satisfied with its performance during my usual activities on those devices. I am NOT stress-testing your product, nor am I interested in the more esoteric aspects of its performance. I am simply seeing how well it replaces KeePass, which I have used for several years, probably in a very basic fashion.

I can’t seem to get KeeVault to function on my Samsung Galaxy 7. I have progressed to where I have a KeeVault icon combined with a Firefox icon on my home screen. When I access that, I go to the logon screen to enter my password, which then my Kee Vault, which is the same one my PC and laptop accesses. So I’m pleased with the seamless synch.

From there, I am at a loss how to proceed. I don’t seem to have a connection to KeeVault either from a home page short cut or through the Firefox browser. What am I missing?

No matter what I do, the KeeVault function seems to close behind me, and I need to re-enter my password.

It isn’t as intuitive as the PC and laptop getting this to function.

Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.

I think Android can be a bit confusing at times because there are several ways to launch Kee Vault. If you don’t pick the same one every time, it can look like you’re being logged out when really it’s a different instance of the app. Maybe that’s what’s happening on your phone?

For me it’s just two steps to set up on Android:

  1. Load in Chrome
  2. Click “Add Kee Vault to Home screen”

From there, each time I click on the app icon on the home screen (or list of installed apps) Kee Vault loads and stays open until the Kee Vault auto-lock time I configured is reached (check that setting in Kee Vault in case it’s just that and nothing to with Android).

I know that Chrome on some older versions of Android ( < 7 or 8 I think) does the same “half install” that you mention with the Firefox icon and I know Firefox can’t currently do the full app install like Chrome can (because Google).

I don’t know of any reason that the Kee Vault logo with a browser icon overlay shouldn’t work though - it just doesn’t look quite as pretty.

Older versions of iOS had a bug where they would kill Kee Vault as soon as you task switch to a different app on the phone and I don’t know anything about the S7 but perhaps it suffers from a similar issue?

I’m tempted to post some screenshots or documentation of how to do this but I suspect it is different for every phone so probably won’t be able to do that until I have a clearer idea of exactly what sorts of problems come up on different devices.

I’ve used your suggestion to load Kee Vault from Chrome, and that has helped somewhat.

I’m running Android 8, so that may be contributing to my difficulties. If so, the writeup below is only for the record.

Now, Kee Vault doesn’t close each time I shift to another screen. It stays open, but it isn’t predictable as to when it will close. There doesn’t seem to be multiple copies, with at least one being open. The single copy is closed.

I only got one app icon to open the app past the SIGN ON. None of the other app icons seem to be interfacing with Kee Vault at all. I’m assuming that the SIGN ON userid and password fields will show the KEE VAULT icon, and be auto filled or cut-and-pasteable, as on the PC/laptop version, because I have not seen that so far.

I’m going to continue to experiment as I try to figure this out.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I wonder if your phone is killing Kee Vault prematurely. Maybe see if there is an option on your phone to tell it not to kill certain apps when they are still running in the background?

I think you’re, quite reasonably, expecting the same behaviour as with the Kee browser extension on desktop. Unfortunately mobile browsers do not support desktop browser extensions like Kee so this level of integration is not possible, at least at the moment.

To sign in to a website on a mobile device the following detailed steps are probably the most ideal approach to take, although it can be easily varied if you start from the web browser rather than the Kee Vault app:

  1. Select / Search for the entry you want to use in Kee Vault
  2. Click the Username field name to copy the username to the clipboard
  3. Click the URL of the entry to load the website in your browser
  4. Paste the username into the username field on the website
  5. Switch back to Kee Vault
  6. Click the Password field name to copy the password to the clipboard
  7. Switch back to the browser
  8. Paste the password into the password field on the website

We’ve seen enough early feedback to suggest there is some room for improvement with the experience on mobile devices so we’re looking for feedback regarding how well this sign in process works at the moment because there are various options we could explore to make this a bit better; they’ll probably all cost more money than we have right now so we need to see from real customers that this is a high priority for them before we focus on it.

Thanks for continuing to explore what’s going on, I’ll be interested to hear how your experiments progress :test_tube: :slight_smile:

Ah, I just saw some other behaviour that might help you understand this @LH521.

It appears that at least on Android 9, pressing the back button on the phone causes the app to be killed, hence you would have to enter your master password again.

I suspect I can write some code to prevent this behaviour and will try to do so soon but I thought it’s worth mentioning now just in case that’s also the case in Android 8 and it’s contributing to the unpredictability you mentioned.

Same thing is happening with Android 8.

Thank you.