Incompatibility with KeePassRPC 1.8.0

I am still getting incompatibility-error with KeePassRPC 1.8.0 and Keepass 2.39.1.

My data:
ubuntu 14.04
mono-complete 3.2.8.
keepass 2.39.1
KeePassRPC.plgx 1.8.0 (fresh download from installed to the right place in /usr/lib/keepass2/Plugins
Firefox 60.0.2

Upon startup of KeePass, I get: “The following plugin is incompatible with the current KeePass Version: /usr/lib/keepass2/Plugins/KeePassRPC.plgx”

Any idea how to further investigate?

Same problem here, just started today after no problems for months.

Xubuntu 18.04, Mono 4.6.2, keepass 2.39.1, KeePassRPC.plgx 1.8.0, freshly downloaded, in the same place.

–debug output:


For me a workaround did the trick:

I installed Keepass 2.28. It works together with KeePassRPC.plgx 1.8.0 - strangely…

Okay, but downgrading isn’t a great solution. I just posted an Issue on GitHub here.

Please check the relevant part of the troubleshooting guide and (assuming it’s still necessary) get the PLGX compilation debug information from wherever KeePass tells you to find it and share the entire file here (note that some errors within that file are expected due to the way that KeePass loads plugins).

Thanks for your reply, @luckyrat. Sorry not to specify. For some reason, when I try to run “keepass2 --debug”, the error log files it creates and instructs me to find (/tmp/tmp[big number]) are empty. So the screenshot I posted is the only error information I can find. Let me know if I’m somehow not doing this right.

Perhaps the KeePass support team can help. According to the plugin documentation, “When the command line option --debug is passed and a PLGX plugin fails to compile, the output of all tried compilers is saved to a temporary file.” so if that’s not working for some reason they might be able to help you find out why.

First, try setting some different file permissions on your /tmp folder or maybe running keepass2 through sudo just for a test (I don’t recommend loading any actual database but it might help get a plgx compilation log).

Current version of Keefox is incompatible with KeePassRPC 1.8.0

Windows 7 64bit
Waterfox 56.2.2

Please fix this addon, current version of KeePass2 works fine.

In case other Ubuntu (and dervatives) users need help with this, here is the solution:

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On linux mint I have been unable to get plugin to compile except when logged in as root then after this I have had endless authorization from keepassrpc plugin - every time network changes or screen saver cuts in - it gets rediculous…