Import different databases kdbx

I have Kee Vault entries without groups or tags (Only the main group: My Kee Vault). But I want to add to it by importing a new kdbx with many folders and subfolders. Will the import respect the folder structure?
Thank you.

All imports will be put into a completely new group and the folder structure within the database you are importing will be reproduced within that new group. If you want to re-arrange afterwards, you can drag/drop to a different group as mentioned in your other recent post.

Since tags are shared across the entire database, any entries that share the same tag across both the existing and the imported database will be displayed together.

Please, could you confirm this?:
“All entries” (its icon is at the begining of the left banner --the four squares) and the “root” group “My Kee Vault” (I didn’t change the original name) have the same content.
Therefore, if I want to maintain the separation between old entries and new imported entries, before my new importation, then I have to create a new folder and I have to put in my old entries. Afterwards I can import the new database.
Thank you.

“All entries” and the “root” group will both show all entries if you have the option to “Show entries from all subgroups” enabled. This is the default setting since it works well for most situations.

You might find changing that setting helps you to understand which entries are in which groups, at least while you re-arrange things after the import. Since it only affects the display of the entries and does not actually change which groups they are in, it’s safe to experiment with that setting as much as you want, although it’s proabably a bit hard to really understand it when you have no subgroups to experiment with :slight_smile:

If you disable that setting and perform the import, you will then find all of your old entries in the “root”, all of your imported entries in the new folder that gets created by Kee Vault during the import and still be able to see all the entries using the “All Entries” view.

Since the above probably meets your immediate needs, I’d recommend starting with that approach but if you later decide you do want two different folders under the “root” folder, one with old entries and one with the imported ones, then yes you will need to create a new folder and then move all the old entries into that folder. That would still be easy to do after the import when the setting mentioned above is disabled.

Now I’ve got it. Thank you very much