HTTP Auth problem with Kee 3


I have problem with HTTP Auth with Kee 3 - it is not working anymore. Problem appeared after automatic upgrade from Kee 2.5 to KeeVault 3, and was resolved by removing KeeVault 3 and installing Kee 2.5 again.

Installation I have is at WIndows with Firefox 65.0.2 (64-bit). If I visit page which is using HTTP Auth, browser seems to be loading page forever. But in the webserver logs I see that server sends 401 Unauthorized to broeser, and browser immediately requests same page, etc. There are tens of such requests/responses every second. It is not possible to get authorization window at all (Kee windows neither browser’s HTTP Auth window).


I can’t reproduce this on Windows FF v67 at

I also know the same site worked fine with v66 on Linux because I tested that a few weeks ago before releasing Kee v3.0. It’s possible there was a bug in FF65 that is now fixed but much more likely there is some other thing different about your system. Can you try with other extensions disabled, provide more details about how to reproduce it and confirm if it occurs on the website linked above?

it’s weird… I installed Kee 3 again and closed web browser (to logout from HTTP Auth sites). After restart, browser displayed information that it has been upgraded to 66.0.1 (64-bit). And now HTTP Auth is working OK. Kee dialog window is displayed, and if I close it, browser’s HTTP Auth window is displayed. I cannot reproduce problem even on our servers. I’m happy that the problem has gone. I’m sorry for wasting your time…