I’m french (sorry for my bad english !), and I’m not a developer, hence this topic !
I’m using KeePass + Kee extension at work.
I’m using it for its primary function (passwords database), but for one more function too : it allows me to fill some text fields with sentences, in an internal system.
I’ve modified the KPRPC JSON, to add my sentences, using \n\n to skip a line. But I’d llike to add this code, to insert a HTML link.

Eg :

{"version":1,"formFieldList":[{"name":"phrase_variable","displayName":"KeePass username","value":"Hi there !\n\nThanks for helping me ! Please <a href="" target="_blank">click here to answer</a>\n.","type":"FFTusername","id":"","page":1,"placeholderHandling":"Default"}],"alwaysAutoFill":false,"neverAutoFill":false,"alwaysAutoSubmit":false,"neverAutoSubmit":false,"priority":0,"hide":false,"blockHostnameOnlyMatch":false,"blockDomainOnlyMatch":true}

But clicking on OK button makes this message appear : “There are configuration errors in this entry. To fix the entry and prevent this warning message appearing, please edit the value of the “KPRPC JSON” advanced string […]”

Would someone help me ?

Thanks a lot !

Kee is a credential management system, not a general purpose automated form filling application so this is not expected to work. Perhaps if you escape the HTML special characters with entities it might work in some situations but I’ve not tested this and fundamentally Kee is designed to insert text only, into a text only property on the form field, therefore ensuring that accidental or malicious changes to the HTML content of the web page can’t be made.