How to report details of technical problems with Kee Vault 2 (iOS or Android)

It is not always necessary for us to see detailed technical information from you before we or others in the community can offer help but in the rare cases where that is required, this documentation provides information on how this works. If you’re unsure whether this applies to you, please search the forum some more and start a new topic to discuss your question or problem first.

We value your security and privacy so unlike other apps we have no automatic recording or sharing of application logs or crash* details.

Therefore, for us to assist you with diagnosing any technical issues you may have with Kee Vault, we will usually need you to help by manually sharing these diagnostic details with us.

  1. Open Kee Vault on your device
  2. Click on the main menu button
  3. Click on “Help”
  4. Click on “Share / view logs” at the bottom
  5. Click on the “Share” button
  6. Share the zip file to your cloud/shared storage, email account or other convenient location of your choice
  7. In the location you chose, open the zip file and search the contents for any private data you do not wish to share (Ctrl-F or similar enables the Find feature in most text viewers)
    • This step is optional because we try to avoid sharing this data anyway and would securely delete any that we do discover, but we understand that some people will want to take this extra step just in case
  8. Upload the zip file to the community forum as a private message to @luckyrat, referencing the public topic that the zip file relates to


If you know how to reproduce the problem and want to send as few logs as possible, you can consider "Delete"ing all logs before reproducing the problem and following the above steps.

By default we do not log Autofill activities so if your issue relates to how Kee Vault is interacting with other apps or websites, please make sure that you enable the autofill logging option before reproducing the problem. We do not recommend leaving this setting enabled permanently because it significantly increases battery usage and wear on your device’s storage hardware.

The zip file should contain these files:

  • diagnostics.txt - basic information about your phone hardware, operating system and Kee Vault version
  • log.txt - the main Kee Vault app log
  • autofill…txt - one or more logs from the most recent autofill procedures

Some autofill logs will be compressed into a .gz file to reduce disk space usage. You may need to install an additional program if you want to extract these and view the text contained inside.


* Depending on your operating system and your settings, some basic crash data might be sent to companies like Apple or Google but this is not always shared with us and is rarely sufficiently detailed to allow us to determine anything actionable about any crash that occurred. Most crashes are nothing to do with Kee Vault itself, rather being due to an operating system flaw, temporary problem (such as running out of disk space) or a hardware fault. Thus we require additional feedback and detail from you before we are able to determine whether any issue can be resolved by us, or whether we can advise what other steps you might be able to take to avoid the problem in future.

The above steps apply to Kee Vault 1.2.0 and higher (build 54+) which was released in December 2023.