How to Make Kee Auto-Select from a "Select" html list? (Form Fields Doesnt Work)

My bank annoyingly has added a select html tag where i must select the branch from its drop down list to go along with my username and password before logging in. I would like Kee to auto-select my branch from this list. Right now it only auto fills my username and password.

As i understand it i simply need to do the following:

  1. Open the bank’s entry in Kee
  2. Click the “Kee” tab
  3. Click the “Form Fields” sub-tab
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Fill in the fields and Save it. Here is a snapshot: - Note: “620” shown is the “value” attribute of the Option tag (child of “Select”) i want selected on the html page of my bank. “branch” is the actual attribute “name” and “id” of the Select tag i want to modify on said html page.

I’d imagine i will also need to add the Select id (ie. “branch” into Kee (extension) whitelist area but it only has “Text Field Id” and “Text Field Names”, which are obviously not “Select” html aware. Meaning, i believe “Text Field” implies the Input tag only. So, I presume that is where my problem lies?? Out of desperation though i did add my “branch” into their respective areas of Kee’s whitelist but unsurprisingly it did not trigger Kee to auto-select my branch from the Select box on the bank site.

So is it possible or not possible with this plugin?

The form field allow list is only needed to control which forms Kee will consider filling in. It sounds like it has already found the form since it is filling in the username and password for you.

It looks like the configuration you have should work so I wonder if the bank has for some reason put this branch configuration into a different form than the rest of the fields?

Kee can only fill one form at a time so if that is what’s happening, you might be able to work around by performing two form fill operations - the 2nd one using a new entry which contains only the branch form field. In that case, you may then need to be able to add that form or select field to the allow list. I can’t recall if select lists are ever considered alone in this way but even if not, targetting the form id or name may be another way to make it work.

If you do need to go down the 2-entries path, you might need to adjust the auto-fill and auto-submit behaviour of one/both entries so you can get them filled out most efficiently and without premature submission.

Thanks. i will give it a try.