How to connect Keeweb

Hi, I’m actually using Keeweb.
It’s working pretty well as a Chrome integration thanks to keewebhttp and chromeIPass.
So, I just open my Keeweb and then I can click on the add-on to autocomplete wished fields.
Working great.

But I cannot make Kee working the same way…
I noticed a thing, my Keeweb plugin is sending to port 19455, which one is listened by chromeIPass.

So, I tried to set the same value on Kee (default is: 12546). But I don’t know how to “submit” this value in the extensions part. I tried to change the Keeweb’s port to Kee’s but I do not work any better… :confused:

I found that I need some KeePassRPC.plgx to run it properly too but I cannot find out how to “plug-it” into my Keeweb, I mean I’m pretty sure I can’t…

Any insights ? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I copied KeePassRPC.plgx into my Linux directory /opt/keeweb-desktop but it’s not working any better even with a chmod 777.