How should I save passwords for sites like Protonmail with 2 passwords

When logging into Protonmail you are first presented with a username / password, then a mailbox password but Kee cannot figure out which of the 2 to use automaticly

In keepass I have set the URL as

But both places it suggests both, is there some neat trick I should be aware of ? :slight_smile:

Edit Nwm the Exact URL in Kee settings seems to due to the trick, now I just need to see if this syncs across devices as I would not presume Kee is part of the keepass savefile

Yeah you can create two different KeePass entries with different URLs if you want to but you might prefer to keep both passwords in the same entry. The Kee > Forms tab lets you configure things like the name and id of the form which Kee will then use to select the most appropriate option for each form (it will still offer both options in case you want to override the decision but as long as you haven’t disabled the option for autofilling when there are multiple matches, you should find the correct entry gets identified on each form).

I tried to run through some step by step instructions to get Kee to help you to record both pages without having to understand form names and ids but I only see the first login page when I login to my test account I’m afraid.

Maybe you dont have a Mailbox password

Is the record functionality enabled in 2.1 ?

Yeah thanks, that was it - I have now enabled “Two password mode” and have found the 2nd login page.

The record feature (unchanged in 2.1) can only work on single forms but you can use it to create two different entries and then manually use that information to set up the first entry to work for both pages.

The gist of it is:

  1. Login to the first page; save latest password as a new entry
  2. Login to the second page; save latest password as another new entry
  3. Edit the 2nd entry in KeePass and note the name and Id displayed in the Kee > Form fields tab
  4. Now edit the 1st entry:
  5. Add a form field:
    • Name: the one you found earlier
    • Id: the one you found earlier
    • Type: Password
    • Value: The password (either copy from the 2nd entry or manually type it in if you know it)
    • Page: Doesn’t matter but setting it to 2 should work just fine and there’s a slim chance that will enable new Kee functionality in future.
  6. Once you save the first entry you can move the 2nd one to the recycle bin, save the database and then you should find that the single entry works for both pages.