How do we utilize both Kee and the browser password manager at the same time?

When Kee is enabled, and I have a password only in the browser PM, then I have no option to login except:

  1. Manually copy the password over by re-entering master password each time (Firefox PM option)
  2. Disable Kee for a moment, then the browser PM will trigger to auto-fill

Browser password managers are useless if you have an password manager like KeePass
or any other with plugins installed for your browsers.

The question remains for those who don’t export / import everything.
In our situation a non-profit is sharing passwords.

So my options are keep some personal passwords:

  1. In a local KeePass client
  2. Use the browser PM with a Master password

I’m pretty sure Kee plugin is programmed to disable other PMs in order to provide convenience.
This should perhaps be an adjustable option.