How Do I setup Kee Vault for a team to share passwords?

I really want to push Kee Vault as a solution for the non-profit company I work for.
I can’t find information for how a team would share a Vault account, or, how password chagnes would be intelligently synced among multiple people accessing the same KeePass DB (which is a standard feature in KeePass).
Does this require Pro or Elite?

Synchronisation of your Kee Vault happens automatically when you sign in and on a regular basis while the Vault is open (currently around every 30 minutes but this may change). As with KeePass, Kee Vault can’t do complex tracking of changes to the same entry in multiple places in a short space of time. If such a change is made then just like with KeePass, the synchronisation process will proceed on a basis of picking one of the conflicting changes and relegating the other change to an entry in the History of the password entry. So there should be no lost data, although in rare cases you may need to dig into the history and manually fix up the entry to represent the latest intended information.

So in an environment with rare updates to passwords, and ideally where updates are orchestrated by a single person, you should be able to share the same Kee Vault account if that’s what works best for your company. Our terms and conditions require the use of a single account per person but I don’t envisage us enforcing that requirement unless we develop a more featureful alternative that heavy/sharing users can upgrade to, and even if that happens, there will be no short notice enforcement and reasonable consideration of unique circumstances (such as the non-profit nature of a company for example).

Wow thanks for the great answer!
Appreciate the quality of code through your web project and site!
Your generous attitude makes you an ethical hacker :wink:
Maybe one day we can help all humanity with Christ!

I think it would work great that we have each department team share an account, and they have little other security concerns.