Google Chrome beta version 3.7.7

Google Chrome users will be updated to version 3.7.7 beta shortly.

We usually try to distribute these beta testing versions to only those users that opt-in to the beta testing program but for this version, everyone will receive the version called “Beta”.

Apart from the temporary name change, there should be no notable impact for any user but I wanted to post this so there is some record of the situation and people aren’t left wondering if something suspicious is going on.

Because of some technical failures with Google’s service, I was forced to manually perform release operations which are normally automated. It appears that for some reason (bad caching in my web browser or brain?) my request to publish this beta version to beta testers ended up being sent to the stable channel instead.

Unfortunately Google do not permit the situation to be resolved. Therefore all users will be using the beta version until version 3.8 is released. Anyone that wants to keep getting new versions before the stable version is released can switch the “real” beta channel: Beta testing the Kee browser extension

I’ll continue with the usual release schedule for Firefox and Edge users - beta testers have v3.7.7 already and all other users will receive it some time next week, assuming no new problems are found compared to v3.6.

Version 3.8 is already under development and I plan to keep it small and focussed on bug fixes so I doubt it’ll be too many weeks before the release replaces the 3.7 beta.

Edit: In the end, I was able to get Google to update the extension to remove the “beta” label by publishing an updated translation from one of our translators so v3.7.8 (non-beta) should be rolling out to all Chrome users in the coming days.