FYI - Trial Ending Reminder Email Not Correct

I don’t think you check if a payment method was added BEFORE sending a reminder email about adding a payment method.

I got a “2 days left in your trial” email. I clicked on the link and it shows I have a payment method.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve just checked the configuration for this email and it appears as though it should be including different content depending upon whether you have a valid payment method enabled or not. For example, if there’s a valid payment method it includes text such as “You don’t need to do anything.”

Do you still have a copy of the email and would you be able to check it again for this detail?

The other possibility is that your payment method is not valid for some reason or another, although since this would typically be due to an expired card, that’s not very likely before the trial has ended. Worth double checking though if you have a chance.

It’s also worth noting that the email is sent automatically regardless of whether you already have added a card method. It’s not technically possible to avoid that at the moment so I have tried to customise the contents of the email instead. I am of the opinion that too many notifications about pending charges to a card are better than too few but I appreciate other people prefer silence :slight_smile: