Forum email problems resolved

A few of you have already noticed that emails from the forum have been unreliable for the past few weeks.

I have now changed email provider from Google to Amazon in the hope that paying for an email service rather than utilising the free service offered by Google will prove more reliable.

The underlying cause of the problems is still unclear and probably never will be - our forum activity was far below the advertised limits of the Google email service but they still elected to silently block the majority of emails after around 9 months of good service.

The precise details of how the backlog of emails will be handled is also not clear. Around 1000 Digest summary emails have already been delivered but it’s not possible to predict what will happen to other emails you may have missed such as signup verification emails and password reset requests - if they do arrive, it is possible that any links within them could have expired.

So if you were expecting an email from Kee during June that has not arrived by now, please retry your signup or account change. The backlog should have cleared within a few hours and I think that new emails will be given priority but I’m not sure so please be patient.

Unfortunately, the time and money I’ve had to spend on this email management task means I’ve not got much spare to work on other aspects of Kee for a little while but I’ll try to do what I can and will of course respond quickly in the unlikely event any security problems are found.