Firefox vs. This Forum

Firefox problem: I was reading a few new threads earlier today, when I found that one of the selected threads was blank. I thought that perhaps the forum had a problem, so I returned later to see, only to find that when I select the forum in Fx, the entire forum is blank.

I tried the usual Fx test by restarting it in Safe Mode, to no avail; I am using MS Edge to post this. Any thoughts as to what is happening in Fx, where no other sites have, so far today, caused any problems.

A while later: I just created a new Fx profile, and the forum works with that. I wonder what happened to my usual profile, and if I can fix it, rather than transferring requisite folders to the new profile.

Try clearing site data and cookies for “” (or all of the domain name if necessary).

If that doesn’t help, take a look at the support forum for this forum software (Discourse) - it’s widely used across the internet so others may have similar problems and be able to help you.

I had just come back to my computer to start further attempts to fix the forum problem when I got your reply, so I started by clearing the an alternative form of the expression “catch-as-catch-can.”

Turned out that “cache-as-cache-can” is also a method of using any available means or method. Still in all, it was an odd occurrence, not one I had previously encountered. Yes, I have had to empty the cache for other, albeit not specifically remembered, problems, but having a forum simply go blank is not event.

Thanks for the reply.