Firefox is currently distributing an old version of Kee - do not install it

Firefox is currently distributing an old version of Kee - do not install it

Only if you have installed the extension since the 1st February 2023, please check that the version you have installed is 3.9 or higher.

If your version is lower than that, then to avoid bugs and potential security vulnerabilities from the use of old software, you should install the beta testing version of Kee by following the instructions at Beta testing the Kee browser extension

I’m working with Mozilla (the creator of Firefox) to get this resolved but their response over the past 2 weeks has so far been poor so there is no certainty on a time frame.

I’ll provide more details about what’s going on behind the scenes once things are back to normal but there is no need to be concerned.

This is a Mozilla-specific problem that only affects the Firefox extensions store ( so other browsers are unaffected.

Update 9th Feb: Version 3.10.10 has been submitted to Mozilla but they do not allow me to contact them any more about the previous problems. There is no saying how long it will take for them to resolve the situation but hopefully version 3.10.10 will be rolled out to everyone very soon and I can then begin to tidy up the mess they have created. Perhaps after catching up on some sleep!

I can see that thousands of people have been forced to install the old version by Mozilla - if you are one of them, please do follow the advice above and install the latest beta version instead - it’s much better and less likely to contain security vulnerabilities than the version Mozilla Firefox is trying to make you use.

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Hopefully final update

Mozilla have approved version 3.10.10 on the 15th of February.

Therefore, new installations from approximately 14:00 GMT onwards should be the latest version of the extension so it is safe to trust Mozilla’s addons website again.

All current users of the addon, including the many who were stuck on a 4-year old version for the past couple of weeks, should be able to update to the new version now. If you have automatic updates enabled (which is the default setting) this should happen over the next couple of days or shortly after you next start Firefox.

This ordeal has been so time consuming and energy draining that I am unable to provide an estimate of when I will be able to write more about what has happened, nor when I can continue the substantial amount of remaining work to get the addon to a situation where new versions can be released for Chrome and all regressions are resolved.

Please do start or join topics on this forum if you have any feedback about the changes introduced in version 3.10.10 (or any version, but any recent issues are what I will be most interested in over the next couple of months).