Firefox 86.0 (new installation) has problems to start Kee 3.7.8 AddOn

Kee 3.7.8 AddOn can be installed but the application doesn’t start. The kee application is active but the applications doesn’t seem to start. The kee triangle does not appear in the ribbon at all. The trouble shooting says it seems, kee is not installed in my browser. Restart, new installation didn’t help. We have the problem with to different computers. Chrome works without problems…

Firefox should load the Kee icon into the toolbar (ribbon) immediately and I don’t think there’s anything we can even do to prevent it from doing that. It starts off grey and (usually in the blink of an eye) begins to function fully.

Therefore it sounds like something might be preventing you from installing any extensions to your Firefox - maybe this can happen in a corporate environment?

Do you have any other extensions installed? If so, one of them might be preventing Firefox from starting Kee.

Also, make sure you check in the overflow menu on the ribbon - perhaps Firefox has put the Kee icon into there for some reason. Maybe you signed into Firefox using a Mozilla account that then applied some old configuration to your new installation. Maybe also try the Firefox “Customise…” feature in case the icon has been moved off the toolbar somehow.