Firefox 117.0 - The Key Symbol is no longer displayed at the menu line

The Key Symbol is no longer displayed at the menu line. How can I get it back again.

Many thanks

In the new Extensions button (puzzle piece icon) on the toolbar, you can press the settings cog icon for any extension and “pin to toolbar”.

Since February we have included a setting with the Kee addon which asks Firefox to do this for every user automatically (which used to be the default behaviour until late 2022). However, it is unclear whether this works for new users only, or at all.

There are some Firefox bugs related to this too - such as 1799329 - Firefox History Settings Change to "Never remember history" hides all add-ons icons from the Firefox toolbar - which suggest that the Kee button could be hidden for seemingly random reasons, perhaps relating to private browsing mode and/or clearing history. I’d hazard a guess that if you find the Kee button often becoming unpinned, enabling the add-on in Private Browsing mode might help.

Super - it works now, by using the Extensions button. Many thanks