Find and delete duplicates

Is there a way to search, find duplicates and then delete them. I’ve imported data from three of my browsers but i want to clean up Kee to have one instance of my password for a particular site?

Thanks in advance.

There isn’t a dedicated feature for finding duplicates. To be honest, I’m not too sure what would be considered duplicated though. Bearing in mind that a lot of people intentionally have multiple entries for the same website, I don’t think searching for a matching website address would work? And if it did, should we consider the domain name or the hostname or the exact address?

It sounds like it could be a useful feature in some circumstances if we can work out how to define it in more detail. I’m open to suggestions, further specifications, feature designs, etc. (from you or others that want to chime in) but since it would most likely take quite a long time for everything to come into place for such a large feature to be implemented and rolled out, perhaps the ideas below might help you in the mean time:

  1. When seeing an entry listed in Kee, you can right click on it or click its menu button and then “Edit” it. This will take you to the entry in Kee Vault where you can then click on the delete button (the bin in the main entry panel).
  2. The search feature (box at the top, or just start typing on the keyboard) will search website addresses as well as usernames, titles and other data so this could be a quick way to see which entries are duplicated or related in some way, with that delete button just a click away.

KeePass has the “Find duplicate Passwords…” function.
This would help in your case.

Thanks for your reply, I understand where a person might have multiple logins for a particular site but the unique difference there would definitely be the password, everythjing else would be the same. I am well aware of the right click and delete functions…thanks anyway looking forward for improvements.

Thanks for the response, could you point me to where that is please…
Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion @horst.

Yeah I suppose if one already has unique passwords for each entry then that KeePass feature might be helpful. Not sure how many people using browser password managers follow that important rule but it is becoming easier to do so for sure.

I am right that this is the “Find” > “Duplicate passwords…” feature in KeePass yes? It doesn’t work on Linux (typical Mono-esq bug preventing the dialog from loading) but from memory it only searches for duplication by password, not other fields. Am I right?

I think it is more aimed at trying to help one improve password security by preventing password re-use on different services but if you’ve got the right sort of data it could definitely be co-opted for this use-case.

Yes, thats right.
If one has unique passwords for every web site its helpful to find duplicates.