[Feature Request] Multiple select for "Additional URLs" field

It would sometimes be very helpful if it were possible to select multiple entries from the “Additional URLs” field (KeePass > Edit entry > “Kee” tab > “URLs” tab > “Additional URLs”). That would be particularly useful when it comes to delete several entries at once.

Yeah that would be useful. I can’t remember which UI elements are used to build this form but if it is a standard element that supports multi-selection, it should be a relatively easy feature to add for anyone that wants to do some C# programming.

I might do it myself eventually but if anyone else wants to take it on, just create an issue on https://github.com/kee-org/keepassrpc and crack on or ask if you want some more development documentation before starting (I’m planning to do this soon but don’t have time immediately).

I suggest just disabling the Edit button when multiple selections are in effect.

There are other UI problems with that dialog (some of which might mitigate the need for this feature anyway):

  • Focus should move to another item after deleting
  • Pressing the delete key on the keyboard should delete an entry
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