[Feature request] Faster check of Keepass status or manual check button

Hey, first, thanks a lot for your work, I’m an happy daily user of Kee’s browser extension :slight_smile:

But there is a recurrent quirk in my workflow. Often my Firefox browser is already open but not Keepass. I type a password, or fill a form, and suddenly need the Kee browser extension’s features. so I open my Keepass database. From there, the Kee browser extension can take a long time to update its status and start being able to fill or save passwords. It can be anything in between a few secs and ~15-20sec, which is annoying.

I don’t know what is the refresh rate of the extension (for checking Keepass status), and maybe it is not wise to augment it, for performance reasons or whatever. But if it’s not, it could be nice to at least have a button somewhere in the interface to manually check for Keepass running again, when the Kee extension is in mode “keepass is not up and running”, to avoid waiting too long.

If I enable the locked Keepass it takes less than a second and the Edge Kee extension
changes its status to ready.
The same happens with Firefox.
So at least for me there is no need for any enhancement in this behaviour.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.978)
KeePass 2.52
Kee Browser plugin 3.9.5

Hmm, that’s strange. I’m using Keepass 2.47 on Firefox 104.0.2 on Debian unstable (with libmono-2.0-1). Sometimes it’s very fast, but sometimes it takes a long time. Maybe let’s see if other Linux+Mono users are affected and report on this thread.

Some operating systems respond differently to our once-per-second HTTP connection requests. I think it relates to the firewall or networking stack but have never looked into the precise details. In any case, it’s not something we can control and I suspect if there is a workaround, it could have complex side-effects for other aspects of the system.

When that happens, we have to fall back to the once-per-minute websocket connection check. Web browsers strictly prevent this from occurring any more frequently so a manual button would not work.

You shouldn’t experience any significant delay once KeePass is running so just leave it running with your database(s) locked.

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I see. Thanks for the explanations.