Feature Request: Easier way to Exclude a Field from within a Page

Hi there… It’s been a very long time since I used this forum, so apologies if this has been discussed before. I did do a few searches beforehand to see if anything similar had been suggested.

My user story basically goes like this: certain fields on certain webpages get autofilled with a username or password when they should not. I scoured through the options within KeepassRPC and the Kee tab inside the individual Keepass entries, but I don’t find anything particularly useful.

Finally, I find out that within the Kee browser extension’s options, there’s a little option hidden away for per-site settings, which give you include/exclude lists where you can add your own input names and IDs. Great! But you know what would have made this far easier to find and avoided fumbling around for 10 minutes?

An option directly accessible from the Kee icon that appears in autocomplete fields, either beside the Close button on the popup box that lets you pick an entry, or from the context menu’s Kee submenu, that will let you ignore that element by its name or ID. This would apply only to the current domain.

Example menu

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