False login field detection

On a site that Kee has passwords stored for, this page will display login field marks from Kee when there should be none:
input id=‘name’ style=‘display:none’ /

Actually, I consider just an element called ‘name’ not sufficient, in the absence of a form. But for sure, a hidden field can’t be a marker, even less for unrelated elements.

I think you’re saying that the Kee icon is being displayed in a form field that you think it should not be?

We’ll never be able to get that correct 100% of the time but I’m keen to hear of examples where it’s incorrect in case there are ways we can improve it a bit in a future versions.

Unfortunately, I can’t quite work out the details of the particular case you’re referring to. Seeing the source code can be helpful, although often just a link to the website suffices. If you were trying to include website source code you’ll need to use the “Preformatted text” button in the post editing toolbar.

The source is in the text above; I’m not allowed to upload files and didn’t examine how to tricke the forum to display the tag angles.

Go to stockplanconnect.morganstanley.com. The real username field is input type="hidden" id="unmaskedUsername" which is populated from input type="text" id="username" by an event (I think blur). Unfortunately automatic entry by Kee.pm doesn’t work here. Setting any auto-type options in KeePass doesn’t help either.