Export of Chrome passwords before importing them in Vault


I am trying to export chrome passwords, before importing them into Vault.

But the export task of chrome passwords runs without ending…

Thanks for your help !

Unfortunately the export from other password sources isn’t something we’re experts in, especially since it tends to change over time. Some initial ideas might be to restart Chrome before trying again, or maybe try from a different Chrome installation (if you have one on a different device). If it still hangs indefinitely, I’d suggest asking on some Chrome support forums instead (sorry, I don’t use Chrome much so don’t know where exactly to point you - please let us know if you find a good source of help for this problem).

Once you’ve got the export file, it will hopefully be plain sailing through our import process but sometimes the export file content needs a little manipulation. Please let us know how you get on and we’ll be happy to help with the import process if required and will take note of any suggestions for future improvements.

Thanks for your return.

Actually I succeeded in creating an export .csv file from the chrome password manager, but then Keevault did not accept importing said .csv file.

Keepass2 imported said .csv file, providing .kdbx file, which was imported by Keevault.

So this problem is solved.

I have a new question : on my Android smartphone I don’t understand the how the credentials created while login in a new site can be registered into the KeeVault base ?

Thanks for your help.

Glad to hear that got solved. I’ll take a fresh look at the latest CSV output from Chrome and see if we can get the import to work directly without needing KeePass to help.

If you have enabled the “Offer to save passwords” feature and “Device Autofill” in Kee Vault Settings reports that it is all correctly set up, you should find that Android will offer you the chance to save to Kee Vault any credentials you enter to a new site or app. Not all sites or apps support autofill and some older versions of Android have bugs that reduce the usefulness of that feature but it’s something that generally works quite well nowadays.

Maybe see how you get on with that for a little while and if you have further questions relating to Autofill, let us know more details about your Android device and any specific sites/apps you are having trouble with.

Thanks you again for your quick return.

I cannot find where I can enable “offer to save password” and “device autofill”.

Thanks for your further help on this point.

Kee Vault Settings can be found in the main menu of Kee Vault 2 on Android - located in the bottom left of the screen.

I am wondering whether I have downloaded the right KeeVault application, because the settings on my application are at the bottom on the right, not on the left, of the screen.

And, in the settings, I cannot find the two features I am looking for (autofill, etc…).

How can I be sure that I have Keevault 2 ?

Kee Vault 2 can be installed from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keevault.keevault

It sounds like you have installed the “PWA” version to your phone (Kee Vault version 1). It’ll work just fine and appear more similar to what you see on a web browser but can’t offer features like AutoFill and fingerprint authentication. You can run both on your Android device without worrying about a conflict, although you might want to remove the old version in case you get confused about which identical icon to click on to launch the app!


Thanks a lot.

Thanks again for your help, now I have the right version for Android.

It does offer to use KeeVault to fill the credentials : but the credentials are not filled in; why not ?

I guess I found the answer in one of your previous post :

"I think you’re, quite reasonably, expecting the same behaviour as with the Kee browser extension on desktop. Unfortunately mobile browsers do not support desktop browser extensions like Kee so this level of integration is not possible, at least at the moment.

To sign in to a website on a mobile device the following detailed steps are probably the most ideal approach to take, although it can be easily varied if you start from the web browser rather than the Kee Vault app:

  1. Select / Search for the entry you want to use in Kee Vault
  2. Click the Username field name to copy the username to the clipboard
  3. Click the URL of the entry to load the website in your browser
  4. Paste the username into the username field on the website
  5. Switch back to Kee Vault
  6. Click the Password field name to copy the password to the clipboard
  7. Switch back to the browser
  8. Paste the password into the password field on the website"