Entries with URL as https://www.google.com are not listed when trying to login to Google

I just installed the add-on to use it together with Keepass.
I have many entries that have URL as https://www.google.com

But when I try to login to Google, these entries are not listed. I found that I have to change the URL to https://accounts.google.com for kee to find them, but isn’t this a subdomain of google? In Keepass I can see that the URL matching method is “domain” for all my google entries. (I just set it up, haven’t got a chance to change anything yet, so everything is in default state).

What could be the problem?

I monitored the activity of keepass.exe using process monitor, I don’t see any network activity at all. It’s supposed to download Public Domain Suffix at startup, isn’t it?

It suddenly started working after I tried to compile the plugin myself. No idea why.