Encoding problem

I do not know if this is a Chromium or Kee bug, but the initial password request looks really unreadable for first time users in Slovak language. See screenshot

In english version only the text is missplaced, but it could be some missing font issue.

Tested on Arch Linux, Chromium 65 and Firefox 56.

That dialog comes from KeePassRPC so a bug with your version of Mono is the most likely culprit for broken alignment.

I’m not sure about the broken encoding though. Possibly the font in use can’t render the Slovakian characters.

Anyone else have a similar problem with other languages or on different operating systems?

I tried in Windows 8.1, Firefox 58. Alignment is OK. Encoding is little bit better, but still there are wrong characters.

Displayed sentence:
"Doplnok webového prehliadaèa, ktorý bezpeène umožòuje automatické prihlásenie na väèšinu webových stránok. Predtým pod menom KeeFox.

Correct encoding:
"Doplnok webového prehliadača, ktorý bezpečne umožňuje automatické prihlásenie na väčšinu webových stránok. Predtým pod menom KeeFox.

Is there a way to find out, which font is used by KeePassRPC to display text?
Because the system font I use, can display Slovak characters.

It should use Arial. I’m not sure what Mono does (if anything) if that font is not available on Linux. Maybe this indicates that the Arial font on Linux is incomplete. I have no idea why the occasional character would render as a different one though. Maybe someone with more knowledge of fonts can weigh in. Would also be interested to know if this is a problem specific to a few Slovakian letters or a more widespread issue since that might help narrow down the cause.