Duckduckgo does not show results

I have noticed that it is hard to find the Kee forum in duckduck go. It will only show as the second result if you search for but it won’t show for any other key words.

Do you think there is something that can be done to improve the forum visibility on duckduckgo?

Thanks for letting us know.

I have found that DuckDuckGo uses Bing as it’s underlying search engine and have therefore registered with Microsoft’s search indexing analysis service to investigate.

Looking at just the forum home page as an example, Microsoft say that there is “an issue” preventing them from including our website in their search results.

I have clicked a button to ask them to include it but since there is no information about why they have chosen to ignore the website and no other search engines seem to be aware of “an issue”, I can’t say with any confidence whether this will have any effect. I’ll take a fresh look in a couple of weeks I guess.